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30 plus years ago we started with a simple goal; to provide superior power solutions. Since then, we’ve established our place as a leader in architectural lighting. It’s time for our brand to reflect on the dynamic and forward-thinking company we are today. We are QTL.

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Enlightened Thinking


We set the standard for excellence, proudly ensuring that our products and services are the best they can be.

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Illuminating Innovation

We champion a culture of curiosity and continuous improvement, allowing new ideas to light the path to innovation.

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Power in Partnership

Together, we get the job done. We tackle challenges head-on, are always ready to lend a hand, and deliver on our promises.

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Integrity First

We embody honesty and trustworthiness, treat everyone with respect, and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

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Bright Futures

We strive to protect human health through offering sustainable products, minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, and practicing efficient manufacturing processes.

Sustainability at QTL

The Tremaine Family's Legacy

Over 130 Years in Lighting


A decade after Edison invented the lightbulb, Burton G. Tremaine Sr. (BGT Sr) founds the Fostoria Incandescent Lamp Company in Fostoria, Ohio. It is one of the first companies in the world to make incandescent light bulb lamps.


With financial backing from General Electric, Tremaine establishes a new company called The National Electric Lamp Company.


The National Electric Lamp Company undergoes a name change to become The National Electric Light Association (NELA).


Tremaine and his partner, Franklin Silas Terry, begin Building what will become a revolutionary corporate campus. Located in East Cleveland, Ohio, Nela Park was the first industrial park in the world and now serves as the headquarters for GE's Lighting & Electrical Institute.


NELA is dissolved and becomes part of GE. BGT Sr. remains on the board of GE until his death in 1948. BGT Sr. on far left.


BGT Sr. purchases Edward Miller and Company, a highly respected manufacturer of lighting products based in Meriden, Connecticut. Shortened to The Miller Company, it becomes the Tremaine family business through three generations and is sold in 2000.


Burton G. Tremaine Jr. (BGT Jr.) takes of management of the Miller Company.


Wide-scale manufacturing of florescent light fixtures begins. The Miller Company pioneers the continuous wireway for florescent light system.


Burton G. Tremaine III (BGT III) joins the company as a management trainee. / BGT Jr. becomes executive vice president.


BGT III becomes president of The Miller Company and his father, BGT Jr. becomes chairman of the board.


The Miller Company breaks ground for an expanded factory in Meriden, Connecticut. designed by Phillip Johnson.


BGT III's twin sons John and Tony (BGT IV) start at the Miller Company. Tony in the Mill division and John in Illuminating division.


John Tremaine moves to Atlanta to work in sales representing the company.


Tremaine starts a lighting sales agency called Star Lighting Sales to boost the sales capabilities of the company.


Fascinated by new lighting technology that The Miller Company is not exploring, John leaves the family business and goes to work for SPI Lighting.


Newly married and a father of two sons, John moves to Connecticut and works in sales management for SPI Lighting. Photo of John holding future QTL CEO Gean.


John opens a high-tech lighting showroom called PRIMO in Norwalk, Connecticut. It is the first European-style lighting showroom in the U.S. and includes a lighting design firm, Tremaine Lighting Design to provide customers with creative alternatives to functional lighting.


Seeing performance and quality flaws in the existing lighting power supply centers, Tremaine designs a low voltage power supply that eliminates noise and heat, enhances the quality of light output, and is safe, reliable, and convenient. The resulting product is the patented Q-Tran Power Supply Center.


Q-Tran is incorporated as a business. Until 2000 it is located in the basement of PRIMO, operating as a separate company.


Q-Tran power supply centers start national distribution, and international shortly thereafter.


After serving as a sales manager for Stran & Company, where he won an award for achieving significant annual revenue in 1997, John Tremaine Sr.'s son, John Tremaine Jr. ('Gean'), joins the company as National Sales Manager, becoming the fifth generation of the Tremaine family to be a part of the business.


Q-Tran moves its operations to Bridgeport, CT and expands to 12,000 sqft.


After 77 years The Miller Company is sold. BGT Jr, BGT III, BGT IV collectively guided the company through three wars, 7 decades and were continuously in the forefront of the changing technology.


Q-Tran wins IES progress Award for its Two Tap Toroidal Transformer.


Gean Tremaine is named Q-Tran's Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


Q-Tran wins IES progress award for it's Q6 Six Plane Mounting.


Q-Tran wins The Design Excellence Lightfair Innovation Award and Best of Category Innovation Award in Landscape, Pool and Fountain lighting products, for its Direct Burial Q-Set and Q-Vault Series in Q-Scape, the first electrical infrastructure for landscape lighting.


Q-Tran moves to Milford, Connecticut, where it is still located today. Q-Tran develops the QT series of LED power supplies, designed to be the quietest, most efficient, safest, most versatile, and longest-lasting power supply in the industry.


Q-Tran develops an entire line of DC power supply centers for interior and exterior LED applications.


Q-Tran wins the Ies progress Award for its Q-Trix-50.


Q-Tran introduces linear LED lighting.


Gean Tremaine is named Chief Operating Officer of Q-Tran.


Alexandra Tremaine, John's youngest joins the family business in the marketing department.


Q-Tran expands its facility to 42,000 sqft. and introduces Q-Cap flexible light fixtures.


Gean Tremaine is named president of Q-Tran; his father, John Tremaine Sr., remains CEO.


Q-Tran expands its CT facility to 55,000 sqft.


Q-Tran opens an additional 5,000 sqft location in California.


John Tremaine Sr.'s nephew, Tyler Tremaine, joins Q-Tran.


Q-Tran wins the IES progress Award for its Static White Individually Addressable LED strip.


John Tremaine Sr.'s younger son, Hunter Tremaine joins Q-Tran.


First linear LED light fixtures, the VERS and a line of small factor fixtures, MICRO 5 are introduced to market.


Q-Tran wins the IES progress Award for its Static White High Efficacy+ LED strips.


Introduces suspended linear LED light fixtures, BOOM!


Wins the IES progress Award for its MICRO 5 flexible light fixtures


Q-Tran's California location expands to 24,000 sqft.


Gean becomes CEO and John becomes Chairman.


Q-Tran acquires Excelsior Lighting.


Q-Tran evolves into QTL.