Pre-made cove for LED fixtures and strips
Pre-made cove for LED fixtures and strips
QV-MICRO endcap
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UL Listed LED lighting products
RoHS LED lighting product
NEC Closet Certified
Declare Label Approved Lighting
Red List Free Approved Lighting

Pre-made cove for LED strips and MICRO 5 fixtures

The QUOVA knife edge products are designed to open and expand a space by illuminating surface planes from one edge. Our small-scale, pre-made cove products blend seamlessly into architectural details and improve the openness and brightness of a space.

  • QUOVA-MICRO creates a cove for many of the fixtures and LED strips you know and love.
  • Light engines are hidden within the small pre-made coves, eliminating glare.
  • QUOVA can be installed early in the construction process, with light fixtures added after finishing work is complete. This allows for a simple and fast installation.

Technical Information

Finish Satin, Custom
Mounting Stainless Steel Clip, White Snug Clip, VHB Tape
Length 1" increments from 1" - 98.43"Tolerance +0.0"/-0.5"LIGHT ENGINE ORDERED SEPARATELY
Certifications UL Listed, RoHS, Closet Rated Light Fixture 410.2 and 410.16, Declare, Declare Red List Free
Dimensions 1.50"x2.45"
Product Applications Cove Lighting


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