Our flexible LED fixtures are the ultimate tools for lighting designers, architects, and homeowners who dare to dream. With their adaptability, you can craft awe-inspiring lighting designs that elevate your landscapes, architecture, and outdoor areas. Create captivating direct view lighting effects or hide fixtures to accentuate architectural marvels, transforming outdoor spaces like never before.


What are bendable LED landscape fixtures, and how do they work?

  • Bendable LED landscape fixtures are flexible lighting solutions that can be shaped or adjusted to fit various outdoor landscapes or architectural elements. They work by using flexible materials and innovative LED technology, allowing you to customize their shape and direction of light.

What are the advantages of using bendable LED landscape fixtures

  • Bendable LED landscape fixtures offer several benefits, including the ability to create unique and customized lighting designs for your outdoor spaces. They are versatile, adaptable to different landscapes, and can highlight specific features or pathways with precision.

Can bendable LED landscape fixtures change colors or be dimmed to create different lighting effects?

  • Many bendable LED landscape fixtures offer color-changing capabilities and dimmable options. You can use controllers or smart lighting systems to adjust colors and brightness levels, allowing you to create dynamic and mood-enhancing lighting effects in your outdoor spaces.