Meet VERS, QTL’s first family of VERSatile linear and suspended LED fixtures.

Introducing VERS, QTL’s groundbreaking family of VERSatile linear LED fixtures, now offered in an expanded range, including VERS-SUSPENDED. VERSatility in lighting design takes on a new meaning with multiple variations such as Proud, Flush, Clear, Grazer, Optics, Encapsulated, Louver, Insert, and Asymmetric. Each fixture boasts high-quality aluminum housings, available in satin, black, bronze, and white finishes, adorned with meticulously machined metal endcaps. Explore the world of suspension lighting with VERS-SUSPENDED, a captivating addition that brings forth bold lines, rich color, and versatility. As QTL's inaugural suspended linear fixture line, VERS-SUSPENDED showcases sleek VERS profiles as the focal point of illumination, offering 80 Suspension Kit configurations for seamless integration into any interior setting. Illuminate your space with the beauty of VERS and discover a new dimension of VERSatility.