Innovation in LED Lighting

Field Cuttable Q-CAP

Now you can specify a 4’ piece of field cuttable Q-CAP for the end of a run to adjust the total run length in the field. This allows you to order Q-CAP before construction is finished, eliminating time crunches and allowing for adjustments on jobsites.

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The Evolution of Warm Dim & Tunable White LED Technology

Creating the right ambiance is all about lighting, and some spaces may need to cater to different atmospheres throughout the day.

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Case Study:

DeCoster Pool House

Designed by Ridberg & Associates Architects and illuminated by Patdo Light Studio, the project features VERS-OPTICS and PIVOT Brackets, creating a captivating glow on the vaulted ceilings. This innovative lighting design enhances the ambiance, transforming the space into an enchanting visual masterpiece.

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QTL's new flexible channels offer secure support for any Q-CAP product.

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