Meet VERS, QTL’s first family of VERSatile linear LED fixtures.

Introducing VERS, QTL’s exceptional line of VERSatile linear LED fixtures. Explore a multitude of variations, including Proud, Flush, Clear, Grazer, Optics, Encapsulated, Louver, Insert, and Asymmetric. Crafted with precision, each VERS fixture boasts high-quality aluminum housings, in satin, black, bronze, and white finishes, with integrated metal endcaps. The VERSatile family of linear fixtures is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, offering unparalleled flexibility in lighting design. Currently available in static white, high efficacy, dynamic white for tunable and warm dim applications, static color, RGB, and RGBW LEDs, VERS transforms any space into a haven of truly unique and captivating illumination.