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Side bending
UL Listed LED lighting products
RoHS LED lighting product
5 Year Warranty
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Declare Label Approved Lighting
Red List Approved

Black flexible LED fixture with a 10" side bend radius

  • Flexible encapsulated LED profile with black housing
  • Features side bend capabilities
  • 10" bend radius Rated for both interior and exterior use, offering versatility for various environments
  • Choose from four different mounting options
  • Utilize clear endcaps for continuous runs 
  • Offered in Static White, Static Color, RGB, RGBW, and DW for Tunable Applications, and DW for Warm Dim applications
  • QTL Red & Amber LED products are Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission certified, making them safe for turtles and other wildlife

Technical Information

Rated Dry IP20, Wet IP67
Seamless Available in a seamless option
Dimensions 0.71"x 0.71"
Mounting Plastic Clip, PVC Clip, PVC Channel, PVC Channel Custom Length, 16' BENDIT Side White Channel, 32' BENDIT Side White Channel
Photometric Performance Encapsulated Clear, Encapsulated Translucent
Warranty 5 year
Wattage 1.5W-SO, 3.0W-HO, 5.0W-VHO, 1.5WHE-SO, 3.0WHE-HO, 6.0WHE-VHO
End Caps Clear, Black
Environment Indoor/Outdoor
LED Light Engine Static White, Static White High Efficacy, Dynamic White Tunable Applications, Warm Dim, RGB, RGBW, RGBW High Efficacy, Static Color
Length Fixture length min 12", max 188". Consult factory forlengths under 12". SW: Available in 1" increments.SW-HE: Available in 2" increments
Lenses Encapsulated Clear, Encapsulated Translucent
Bend Orientation Side Bend
Bend Radius 10" bend radius
CCTs 2000K, 2200K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Certifications UL Listed, RoHS, Declare
Compatible App SCENE Dongle
Connector Wire Bare Wire 24", Barrel, Connector 24", Connector 6"
CRI 95-98 at 3000K


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