QTL is committed to remaining a meaningful part of the sustainability movement. Our products are inherently better for the environment; they offer low energy usage, their high quality and construction ensures extended life cycle, and they comply with RoHS. QTL also recycles aluminum, paper, and office waste. QTL has successfully implemented key initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. We now offer a take-back program on certain products and materials, ensuring a circular approach to manufacturing, and have received Declare labels to provide clients with transparency in the materials used to make our products.


Recycle by Mail: Making it easy for you to do a good thing.

QTL's Recycle by Mail program makes it easy to recycle and divert shipping materials from landfills. Simply use the prepaid shipping label, pack up the foam in the Q-SET box, and send it back.

QTL's Take Back Initiative: Count on us to recycle it responsibly.

You may be done with your products, but chances are they still have more to give. We’ll help you recycle qualifying products so we can save precious materials and take less from the planet.

Simply contact us at sustainability@qtl.lighting to request a shipping label. We’ll email you a return label within 24-48 hours after receiving your request. Once we receive your item, we’ll make sure it’s recycled in an environmentally responsible way or given a chance to be used again. For non-qualifying products, please refer to the recycling instructions at www.qtl.lighting.


We collect and recycle manufacturing byproduct, cardboard, and paper. Each year, we recycle 62,000 lbs. of cardboard and approximately 7,000 lbs. of copper, aluminum, and light iron to minimize waste.


At QTL, we have looked at our own sustainability practices to rethink where and how we use our office spaces to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Bringing that vision of creating more sustainable places and practices for our people to light took a number of preliminary steps. Initially, our sustainability initiatives were inspired by grassroots efforts, internal efforts from employees who care deeply about reducing our carbon footprint at the office.


Materials matter. Choose smart. Whether power supplies, LED strip, linear fixtures, or led extrusions – sustainability is part of our DNA. From procuring raw materials through production, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution – we look closely at every detail. Our goal is to provide material transparency. In order to do so, we have partnered with an award-winning supply chain software company to streamline our product transparency compliance and sustainability reporting efforts.

We believe sustainability should be a way of life. Every Day we take steps towards making the world better.

Sustainability Updates


    We’re proud to announce that the vast majority of our lighting products now offer Declare labels.

  • Green Light Alliance

    QTL joins the Green Light Alliance, a think tank dedicated to developing industry standards for EPDs for LED lighting.

  • Sea Turtles

    Partnered with the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) to donate FWC-approved products to retrofit problematic beachfront properties. We will also be donating a percentage of sales of all FWC-approved products to STC.

  • Cardboard

    Recycle 62,000 lbs. of cardboard and approximately 7,000 lbs. of copper, aluminum, and light iron each year to minimize waste.

  • Farmer's Market

    Host a farmers market every Monday to support our local farmers to promote sustainable agriculture, lower pollution & carbon footprint, minimize waste & plastic packaging, and encourage healthier ecosystems & local economies.

  • Meriden Building

    Sustainability Committee spanning all departments that meets monthly.

  • EV

    Installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

  • Water dispenser

    Invested in a bottleless water/beverage dispenser.

  • Lighting controls

    Installed lighting and temperature controls to minimize energy use.

  • Carbon Neutral Parcel Shipments

    As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce carbon use, we are now providing carbon neutral parcel shipments.