Ford Experience Center

Designer: GhafariRep: Gasser Bush AssociatesLighting Designer: IlluminartPhotographer: Garrett Rowland
Illumination of Ford Experience Center's lobby and corridors
Illumination of Ford Experience Center's lobby and corridors
"Ford Experience Center main lobby with dynamic lighting design by Illuminart
Seamless continuous runs of light with Q-CAP fixtures
Vibrant lighting design in the Ford Experience Center's main lobby by Illuminart
Ford Experience Center gathering area illuminated by Q-CAP fixtures
Illuminated glass railing at Ford Experience Center by Q-CAP
Lobby and Corridor Illumination Enhancement at the Ford Experience Center
Dynamic Lighting Design by Illuminart in the Ford Experience Center's Main Lobby

The Ford Experience Center is a dynamic venue, catering to a wide range of functions all hosted within the building’s main lobby. This gathering area required a lighting design that captured the essence of Ford while offering flexibility to tailor color to suit the various tones of the events hosted there. Illuminart, renowned for lighting designs that enhance environments, was brought in by Ghafari Associates to focus on the impactful space. Robert White, IALD, LC, IES, and Elizabeth Williams, LC, IES led the creative endeavor. Specifying QTL’s flexible encapsulated Q-CAP fixtures allowed lines of light to punctuate the brand tie-in.

Q-CAP’s side bending KURV profile was selected due to checking off a number of boxes: its flexible nature allowed it to follow the curved lines of the glass railing, it could be used to create seamless continuous runs, and the way light pushed out from the fixture via its built-in parabolic curve. This internal reflector allowed light to be focused up the railing’s glass panels, casting accents of illumination onto the ceiling of the lobby and attached corridors. It was also used to push light down from the top of the staircase onto the floor below.

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