Suspended Lighting Product Applications


Explore the world of linear suspended lighting. Illuminated brilliantly through bold lines, rich color, and versatility, our suspended linear fixtures are stunning additions to all commercial spaces of every size and utility to highlight architectural detail. QTL's commercial linear suspended lighting fixtures combine refined aesthetics with superior quality, performance, and versatility as exceptional architectural LED lighting solutions. Explore the possibilities and transform your space with suspended lighting.

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Explore the benefits of suspended lighting:

  • Direct and Indirect Lighting: Suspended lights offer the benefits of both direct and indirect lighting, providing a versatile balance for focused tasks and ambient illumination in your space.

  • Refined Aesthetics: Combining refined aesthetics with superior quality, linear suspended lighting fixtures elevate the visual appeal.

  • Performance and Versatility: Suspended lighting fixtures deliver exceptional performance and versatility, serving as outstanding architectural LED lighting solutions for various applications.

Illuminate your space with sophistication and functionality, as suspended lighting transforms your environment with a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance.