Zero Bond Lounge

Elevating Ambiance with Light

Application: Indoor
Designer: Focus Lighting
Photographer: Caprice Johnson


Duality of Light

How can an interior be designed for both work and play?

Edwin Allen, lead lighting designer of Focus Lighting, was given the challenge of illuminating Zero Bond’s Private Lounge, a workspace by day and restaurant and social club by night.

Edwin approached the project’s objective with an artistic style, utilizing warm-tone accent lighting elements to feature the high-end finishes, furnishings, and art program to create a cohesive ambience throughout the space.  Reflective materials stretch the proportions of the room, while well-hidden millwork details and large-scale mirrored box walls bring life to the space. At night, pink accent lighting changes the ambiance. Dimmable 2400K strips, Edwin’s preferred color temperature for hospitality projects, create an inviting social scene no matter the time of day.

“The layout of Zero Bond is one large art program. I used QTL’s TORQ extrusion with static white 1.5-watt 2400K warm LED lighting throughout because it provides the tight pitch and color temperature ranges needed in any high-end environment,” Edwin explained.

Using light as a medium, Edwin enhanced the private lounge spaces by creating illuminated vignettes, conveying a deeper sense of intimacy and separation from the open co-working spaces and seating areas.

“The 1.5 watt LED strip is hard to get anywhere else, and the ability to get to 1% dimming allows seamless transition from day to night.  QTL is my preferred brand for hospitality lighting. The ranges in color temperatures, lens options, and tight pitches the products deliver are exceptional. To me, diode-free results equate to high quality products.”

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