QT-CAB-eLED+DALI-DT6-AWN: Seamless DALI 2 LED power supply cabinet.
QT-CAB-eLED+DALI-DT6-AWN: Seamless DALI 2 LED power supply cabinet.
Experience versatile light control with pre-wired DALI 2 cabinet.
IC rated LED power supply for seamless DALI 2 control.


CSA Certified
RoHS LED lighting product

  • LED power supply cabinet for DALI 2 applications
  • Utilizes up to 5 Drivers with a 100W constant voltage LED Driver and DALI DT-6 Decoders
  • Incorporates factory-installed Lutron Athena Wireless Nodes, which streamline installation time and allows for simple programming using the Athena iOS and Android app
  • Power supplies are wired in 1-5 discrete zones, depending on number of power supplies
  • The power supplies and decoders are all prewired together along with terminal blocks for power and control wires
  • Available in 100-500 watt capacity
  • Housing can be recessed or surface mounted
  • Type IC rated

Technical Information

Primary Voltage Universal
Secondary Voltage 24VDC
Wattage Options 1 100W Driver, 2 100W Drivers, 3 100W Drivers, 4 100W Drivers, 5 100W Drivers
Control Options DALI-DT6-AWN-1, DALI-DT6-AWN-2, DALI-DT6-AWN-3, DALI-DT6-AWN-4, DALI-DT6-AWN-5
Color White, Black
Mounting Recessed, Surface Mounted
Environment Dry and Damp
Warranty 5 year


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